New Helmet DJ ‘Pop Coorn’ Rips Off Cymatics Project File, Deletes Track


EDIT: It appears that Bear has been taken down from Soundcloud, but we are going to leave this post up as a reminder to anyone considering publishing someone else’s work as their own.

Another helmeted snack-themed DJ is beginning to emerge by the name Pop Coorn, and before anyone jumps on the hype train calling him the next marshmello, we want to shed light his first upload to Soundcloud that suspiciously gained 250k+ listens. The song does have some phenomenal production behind it, mainly because the sound mastermind Kompany is the one responsible for it.

If you dabble in music production, then you have probably heard of Ableton. Cymatics released one of the project collections available for purchase to let you see how producers create their songs, including songwriting, sound design, mixing, automation, organization and more. Multiple tracks are included in the $247 project pack, which are meant to be used for learning how to produce your own original music. One track in particular entitled Mask, which Kompany produced, sounds pretty similar to Pop Coorn’s ‘Bear’. And by similar, I mean identical.

Below is a video of ‘Bear’ (top) played alongside the audio from the Cymatics project file preview video for Kompany’s ‘Mask’ (bottom).


If you are going to try to become the next marshmello, don’t blatantly steal someone else’s work and upload it as your own. You will be called out, and your name as a music producer will be tarnished.

It does appear that Pop Coorn realized it was a stupid move to upload the track as his own, since it is no longer on his Soundcloud. Let’s hope he learned a lesson and starts producing some music of his own.