Bad Royale: The Caribbean Bass Kings


Bad Royale has been making waves throughout the electronic music scene all year. The kings of caribbean bass have collaborated with multiple producers and singers last year creating a unique sound with their caribbean bass. The quality of their music is amazing for a group that has been together less than 2 years, but the secret lays on the members past. Kevin Wild, Maor Levi, Elias Ghosn and Bruce Karlsson are no rookies to the electronic music scene. With an incredible portfolio under their belt is no surprise what this three producers and a marketing person have achieved in such a short time, then you are probably wondering why you never heard their names before if you follow all the bass music channels in existence. Well the answer is easy, they all made songs with pretty chords and long build ups that were released in labels like Anjuna Beats. Yes, this guys went from making beats played by Above and Beyond to having the hottest remixes played by Diplo, like their version of Look At My Dab by Migos, which if you went to any festivals this summer you probably heard it been played everywhere.

With so many producers on their ranks, it’s no surprise the amount of music they release with such high quality and diversity, I assure you if you listen to their entire music collection you will probably find a new favorite song, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for trap, dancehall, dubstep, moombahton or just a song to make you laugh like their latest release $uck My Weiner, you will find something to love. There is a lot of new music coming from them shortly according to their facebook page and they also announced their fall/winter tour so go check them out, show them some love and try to
catch them on their tour.