Off The Decks: INF1N1TE


Welcome to Off The Decks, a new article series in RaveFaced where we interview up and coming, big, small and everything in between producers. To start this series we have INF1N1TE (yes, with two 1 instead of I). Robbie Tarrant-Steedman has been making waves on the heavier side of electronic music. Not only he has a ton of talent for music but he also has a great sense of humor and has some amazing tutorials on youtube and on his facebook. He gave us some of his valuable time and answer some questions, we talked about about influences, shows, production, what he is listening to and tried to finally settle the debate between Adventure Time and Ricky & Morty.

When did you start producing, how did you learn and why did you start doing it?

I started getting into production after trying to get several bands together in high school… I could never find people who were as serious about music as I would so they never worked out. I eventually found out producing was something I could do completely by myself so I just started messing around with it and ended up sticking with it.

Biggest influence?

Don’t really think I have a single biggest influence, really! I try to take inspiration from a lot of genres aside from just electronic stuff but really couldn’t pinpoint any certain names.

First track you finished and thought “This is the track that will take me to the next level”?

Not entirely sure if I’ve had one of those moments, to be honest haha! I think my style really started changing and improving a lot when I finished & released my track ‘Dab On Em,’ though. It’s definitely one of my favorites I’ve done and seemed to get a really good response from people.

Most recent “Ahha!” moment where production just clicked?

Haha I just recently bought the plugin Volume Shaper 4. I started messing with it and right away felt that AHHHHHA moment. It’s a ridiculously sick plugin for sidechaining.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

Really want to get some stuff started with my good friend Sex Whales! We’ve been talking about it for a while but neither of us have managed to get anything rolling yet. I’ve got a bunch of other collaborations planned with guys like Obscenity, Detrace, & Ablaze among a bunch of other dudes as well… Just need to get my shit together and get projects started for them, haha.

Ever share a festival stage with an artist that made you think “wow I can’t believe I’m about to share the stage with them!”?

Last year I played directly after Noisa at Motion Notion festival out here in Canada… I couldn’t believe I got to play that slot and the crowd was huge and I was super nervous having to follow them. They played mostly drum and bass so I was a bit worried that everyone would either leave or not be into my set but from what I saw, they were all into what I played as well and I had an insane time once my nerves chilled out after my first track haha.

You get to have dinner with your favorite artist. Who would it be and where do you take him?

Hmmm… Probably Skrillex ? The dude seems like such a down to earth guy I feel like it wouldn’t be weird or awkward at all haha. I’d probably take him to this place called Oliver Twist out in my hood for these super dank chicken tacos.

Favorite show you went to as a fan and favorite show you played?

Favorite event I’ve attended was probably the first time I saw Skrillex when I was in high school… the bill was SO weird. It was LMFAO headlining, Steve Aoki supporting them, and Skrillex opening. The venue was huge and the crowd was so diverse I just crowd surfed the entire time and everyone was down with it lol. My favorite event I’ve ever played was probably either that Motion Notion set I had following Noisia or when I played Drop In Bass in Paris. The Paris crowds are INSANE, I can’t wait to get back over there.

Any helpful tips to share with up and coming producers?

Be nice to everyone. Take time to thank people who are supporting you. There seems to be a trend where dudes will only ever reply to negative comments on their work with bitterness and never acknowledge the people who are actually supporting them. I think making that connection with supporters goes a long way and fans really appreciate knowing you care.         

Funniest thing to happen while touring or playing a show?

Haha, I was playing a show in my hometown, Calgary with Sluggo last year and I had brought a bunch of friends out as my birthday was that week so it was kind of my birthday celebration. Sluggo had me come out and he got on the mic to have people wish me a happy birthday before playing a happy birthday remix… He also let the crowd know that I was turning 12 years old and was having my braces removed that week, hahaha.

Any producers you’ve been following we should know about?

Definitely! The homie Tryple has been murdering everything he’s put out lately, kid is an insanely good producer. My friend Lozz is also putting out some really dope stuff.

What’s next for you, any upcoming EP’s or tracks we should know about?

I just put out a new single called ‘Touch The Floor’ that’s gotten a pretty good response that I’m really happy with! At the moment I’m working on a new EP that I already feel is a lot of my best stuff so I’m really excited to get that wrapped up and start shopping it around to some labels and hopefully find a good home for it.

Rick & Morty or Adventure Time?

I still haven’t actually seen Rick & Morty at all !!! Everyone raves about it though, I’ve gotta check it out. Everything I’ve seen from Adventure Time has been awesome though so I guess they get my vote on this one by default.

Now you know it, if you’ve never seen Rick & Morty, Adventure Time is definitely better! Go follow INF1N1TE on all his social media and get ready for his new EP that is gonna be massive! Thank you for taking some time of your busy schedule and answering all our questions.