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If you are a college student and haven’t downloaded erodr yet, you are seriously missing out. Imagine the best parts of Snapchat, Instagram, & Yik Yak thrown into one app and has the same validation that Facebook had for college students when it launched. What you would have is something very close to erodr.

This app gives you the ability to post anonymously or from your account to college student nearby, as well as across the nation. College students are some of the brightest and most intelligent individuals, while at the same time the most irresponsible, reckless idiots you can interact with. So what happens when you give them a student-only platform to post whatever they want, either anonymously or behind their own name? Take a look at some of the recent posts and you be the judge.

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When I say this isn’t your mom’s social network, I mean it. When a college kid can share whatever they want (well, within the TOS) anonymously, they don’t hold back. At Mizzou, the term “Titty Tuesday” was coined over a year ago, and it has carried over to almost every campus with a community. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. And you may be skeptical, and think “girls can just find pictures online and pretend it’s them”. Well yes, it can, and every now and then does happen. But the community is generally very quick to call out fake pictures. Additionally, every picture that is taken within the app is stamped with an erodr watermark, showing its authenticity. Here’s a few examples of this beautiful feature:

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You will get your fair share of humor from watching the various feeds. Whether it’s students sharing something ridiculous they witnessed on campus, something funny they found online, or anything in between. While any validated user has the ability to post on the app, the content is community moderated. Students can choose to like a post, which increases the posts lifespan, dislike a post, decreasing the lifespan, or if a post is extremely offensive (bullying, too graphic, etc.), they can flag a post, which will be seen by the moderators who will determine if it is in violation of the TOS.

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Up until this semester, erodr was exclusive to only a handful of campuses and placed anyone else that registered onto a wait list. A couple months ago, they opened up registration to every single school in the nation, allowing any college student to access the app.

Mark my words, erodr is going to become the choice social network for young adults in the near future. If you don’t believe me, then take a look for yourself.

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