With their in depth experience and dedicated attention to detail, they produce a variety of tracks, in which appease to many EDM genres. Serbsican’s debut track, “Passport”, exploded with attention from the likes of Zedd, Ron Carroll, Porter Robinson, Miles Dyson, Mord Fustang, and most notably, Nicky Romero, as the track was fan voted number one on Nicky’s Protocol Radio for over two weeks! After the initial release of “Passport”, multiple record labels took immediate notice of this explosive track, and was eventually signed with Germany’s Plasmapool Records sub label TRXX.

Prior to the public release date, “Welcome to My World” featuring R.O.N.N. and Siren was featured on both Quintino’s SupersoniQ Radio and Promise Land’s Amazing Show #148. Also grabbing the attention of multiple fan bases, was the official remix of Eric Prydz’s track “Call On Me”. Serbsican has also played alongside Lazy Rich, Eddie Halliwell, Topher Jones, and Baggi Begovic just to name a few during the time of their merger. As their determination and passion to produce new and unique tracks never ends, be sure to stay connected to Serbsican for upcoming music and shows!

Check out some of Serbsican’s original tracks here, including the exclusive RVFCD release of This Is Every Song and a preview of their upcoming track Ribbit:

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We had the opportunity to speak with Serbsican exclusively. Here’s a quick Q&A with the emerging electronic duo:

When did you start DJing/producing – and what or who were your early passions and influences?

Dre – I started djing in 1999.  Early on my main passions were hard dance and trance, with some house love mixed in.  Daft Punk, Warp Brothers and Ferry Corsten were main influences early in my career.  I started producing around 2010. Emilio – Started djing in late 2003.  Was also influenced by trance and Ferry Corsten. He also met Ron Carroll in the late 2009

Together we started spinning in around 2011.  We knew we played very well together, and thought, hey lets start producing.  So in December of 2012 we decided to colab on productions.  Emilio came up with the name “Serbsican”.  Dre is Serbian and Emilio is Mexican. We really work well together in the studio.  We fuck with each other alot.

How would you describe your style of music? What makes you stand out from the other names in EDM?

The fact that we don’t pigeon hole ourselves.  We can make what we want to make, and not conform to the EDM that’s out currently.  If we want to make a melodic track we can, if we want to go electro, we can.  We like to think that we can create any type of music at any time.  We don’t always want to be known as a specific genre

Do you see yourself venturing into other genres with your music?

As Emilio is a successful house/tech producer, we have discussed doing some house tracks.  But probably not under the “Serbsican” name.  As we want to keep that to the harder EDM stuff.


What DJs/producers would you be interested in collaborating with?

As you can tell we have done a couple of tracks with the Legend Ron Carroll (R.O.N.N.).  I think a track with Aron Scott would be nice, but we would love to do a track with Carnage.  We love that dude.


Do you prefer originality over conformity, even if it won’t make you as much money?

Absolutely.  We think of all our tracks as pretty original.  Even Passport which has a heavy kick in it, is different than alot of EDM tracks out there currently.


Was there a song or artist in particular that inspired you to be a producer?

From the get go we think the older style Zedd really made us want to get together and produce music.  He is a very talented producer and we would like to mimic his career.

What is your opinion on the current state of EDM (or more specific genre)?

We think its starting to become over saturated.  A lot of tracks are really starting to sound the same in the EDM genre.  Right now people are really lovin it, but we think its probably going to be more underground here shortly once this wave dies down.

What made you decide to enter the music world?

We really love music.  Anything.  We all love all types of music.  Emilio has an extensive musical background, with his rock band and such.  Dre ever since he started djing, has had a great passion for trance and house music.

How do you prepare for a show/set?

We talk about what we want to play, especially if its an opening set.  If we headline we just play whatever we feel can make the crowd just go that much harder.  We like seeing hands up and people sweating, means we need to keep it going

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