We’re just about a month away from one of the more promising music festivals of 2014. BUKU Music + Art Project is hoping to follow up on last year’s success by adding a new stage, the Back Alley, while bring in some of the biggest names in music. For us, its a no-brainer attending this festival in the heart of New Orleans surrounded by great music and an atmosphere to match. Some of the artists performing this year aren’t the ones you’ll be seeing on every flier during festival season, so we wanted to focus on the more impressive names manning the stages at BUKU. Tickets are still available here so act fast and make BUKU the highlight of your 2014 . Here’s our top 10 performances that you can’t miss at BUKU:

classixx-len-paneckiImage via Classixx on Facebook / Len Penacki

10) Classixx (live)

Classixx is comprised of Michael David and Tyler Blake, childhood friends that shared a passion for music that decided to do something about it. Following the release of their 2009 hit “I’ll Get You,” the duo become a world-wide name while touring internationally. In 2013 they released Hanging Gardens, which was met with great reception. “I really think this is a product of the Los Angeles experience,” Mike says. “Which is also part of the reason we called it Hanging Gardens. For some reason that image just reminds me of Los Angeles.” Classixx is a must see at BUKU because they aren’t simply playing a DJ set. Their live show is a multi-instrumental showcase of artistic talent that guarantees melody-heavy dance fest. Classixx will be prepping the Ballroom stage for an eclectic group of artists.

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tumblr_l3k3bk7wbd1qzah71o1_1280Image via

9) The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob’s Justin Boreta, Ed Ma, and Josh Mayer just released their second LP, Love Death Immortality, on their own Glass Air Records. This comes nearly four years after their deep Drink The Sea album, which is still garnering plays on social media sites world-wide. The Glitch Mob becomes a must see this year at BUKU because their new album is nothing to mess with. Billboard says, “Love Death Immortality offers sonically complex beatscapes with a heavy dose of aggression, reflecting the group’s influences of Portishead, Nine Inch Nails and Tool, but still wholly its own.” Their genius is reflected in the evocation of live instruments during their performances, making each appearance a unique aural experience.

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857331_484478108284545_234753244_oImage via Dusky on Facebook

8) Dusky

London based producers Nick Harriman and Alfie Granger-Howell are Dusky, one of the most buzzed-about acts in UK house and techno. The duo had a remarkable 2013 with releases on the labels Aus and Naked Naked from two EP releases, “Careless” and “Vanishing point,” respectively. They are currently touring abroad until March 21st when they make a stop in New Orleans for BUKU. If you’re a fan of house music, Dusky has probably been on your radar for a while and there is no better place to see them on the Back Alley stage overlooking the Crescent City Connection bridge. But get there early because entry is limited on a one-in-one-out basis.

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1391682_10151908544248605_123290739_nImage via Clockwork on Facebook

7) Clockwork/RL Grime

Clockwork, RL Grime, house, trap, call him what you like but the fact is Clockwork puts on a hell of a show every time he steps on stage. The first time I got to see him, he was providing support for Dillon Francis‘s tour. His set came immediately after Baauer. This year at BUKU, Henry Steinway will be playing on the Float Den stage as both aliases. Once by himself as Clockwork and once alongside his good friend Baauer. Both of these performances should be promising and I would assume that they are taking place on separate nights, but that’s not for certain. You can get both your fix of electro house and trap from Steinway, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

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1476256_655500414501945_2123587891_nImage via Mixed Media

6) GRiZ

One of my absolute favorite artists, GRiZ, just released his album Rebel Era this past year and is about to embark on a tour across America with support from Michal Menert and Late Night Radio. Neither of those supporting acts will be with him at BUKU, but you can be sure that even when alone GRiZ brings the funk. Whether it be at a festival or a concert venue, GRiZ has yet to disappoint, expect nothing less come March. His live performances showcase his musical talent and ability to assemble a set that attacks the ears on all levels. Come get liberated with GRiZ at the Float Den stage.

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922423_460178064058200_1222993891_oImage via Cashmere Cat on Facebook

5) Cashmere Cat

Love is in the air. Wedding BellsCashmere Cat‘s newest EP has officially dropped and the four songs on it are all uniquely awesome while still carrying the producer’s trademark sound. 2013 was a landmark year for Cashmere Cat and he shows no signs of slowing in 2014. He has already produced a track for three iconic hip-hop artists called “Party Girls” and I hope he continues the trend of re-working songs of that genre. Cashmere Cat is a can’t miss due to infrequent visits to the US. Based off his radio show mixes and original tracks, he guarantees to put together a set encompassing amazing forward-thinking music and genre-bending sounds. At BUKU he will be performing on the increasingly enticing Back Alley stage.

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1654978_10152587624098574_1500165241_oImage via Here & Now Photos

4) Seth Troxler

Who else would strip down to plug a festival? Seth Troxler did so (the video has since been taken off Youtube)  in order to help promote Eastern Electrics festival back in July. This is only a small glimpse of the obscure mind and music behind the Visionquest star. He was ranked as the #5 DJ in the world according to Resident Advisor in 2013, after placing first in 2012. The Michigan producer is pure personality and that’s what ranks him so highly on our list of performances you can’t miss at BUKU. His infectious deep house and techno soundscapes set him worlds apart from other producers and DJs. In the middle of his set you constantly lose yourself in the sound and then Troxler will bring you right back with a stroke of genius. He will alongside a multitude of greats at the Back Alley stage.

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skream-1Image via BBC

3) Skream

Skream was once synonymous with dubstep, since then he has emerged as not simply the bringer of all things bass, but as a well-rounded producer who leans on the funky side. His “Rollercoaster” track featuring Sam Frank has seen a number of remixes by the likes of Route 94Jimmy Edgar, and more. His recent ventures has taken him on a path of house, garage, and disco, and personally I can’t complain. As an artist, Olly Jones has come a long way to evolve his sound but has maintained consistency while doing so. If you have ever seen Skream live before, you more than likely haven’t seen him like this. Make sure not to miss his BUKU set this year and catch his BBC Radio 1 show as he prepares to go solo due to the recent news of Benga leaving.

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zedd-reviewImage via Rukes

2) Zedd

Arguably, no one has had a better last couple of years than Zedd. With a partnership with Budlight, a Grammy nomination, and appearances on late night shows, Zedd is geared to have his biggest year yet in 2014 and that is why you can’t miss him at BUKU. His first studio album Clarity was released back in late 2012 so it seems like only a matter of time until he puts the touring on hold (probably not until after festival season) and hits the production hard in preparation for a new one. Zedd is the only artist on our list that will be holding down the main stage at BUKU, the Power Plant. “The Power Plant stage sits between the active New Orleans Public Belt Railroad and the Mississippi River, all in the haunting glow of the run-down Market Street Power Plant.”

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1235147_10151774922968808_646262098_nImage via Miami Horror on Facebook

1) Miami Horror

If you haven’t heard Miami Horror before, you truly are missing out. Although they aren’t from Miami (they’re not even from America), this group’s electro-synth-pop vibes will make you feel like your sitting in the sand on South Beach. Their single from the 2010 album Illumination “I Look to You” premiered on Triple J of that year and did a lot for the group in terms of worldwide exposure. Miami Horror‘s live show is formed by Josh Moriarty (Peacocks, guitars/vox), Aaron Shanahan (co-production, guitar/vox), and Daniel Whitechurch (bass, keyboards, and guitars). They will be taking the stage in the Ballroom and then making their way over to the VIP only S.S. BUKU for a DJ set.

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